Digital Ad Genius sets up a laser focused Google AdWords Campaign.

Together with our client we are able to see every single impression, click, page view, purchase, download, live. Then we evaluate conversion dollar for dollar and invest larger portions of the dedicated budget into channels that are generating the returns at the lowest cost per conversion.

The setup fee is $1,000 per campaign. The monthly management/reporting fee $2,000/mo average.

Digital Ad Genius has had extensive experience managing profitable Google Ad Campaigns

We have run every type of online ad campaign known to man, for our clients. From PPC, to Geofence campaigns to CPM and Branding campaigns, the bottom line is revenue for dollars invested into advertising.

Digital Ad Genius is a Licensed Google Agency (Google AdWords Certified Partner)

Working directly on a daily basis with Google’s Agency Strategy Division, DAG is able to gain access to the newest technology and as a result able to run the most innovative strategic ad campaigns. It is NOT about “being # 1 on Google”, it is about spending the least to make the most while capitalizing on the exposure as a bi-product.

Digital Ad Genius’s Five Steps to SUCCESS Case Study:
Ocean Drive Exotic Cars Fort Lauderdale

STEP ONE: Website Design, Advertising Creatives Design and Install Google Analytics Tracking

Digital Ad Genius has extensive experience designing impressive and functional Professional Websites and e-Commerce Websites, as well as Display Advertising Banners.  Check out Our Portfolio including the websites and creatives we have designed. All websites we design are setup with  Google Analytics, a suite of services for tracking down to the dollars and cents.  Knowledge is money!

STEP TWO: Develop Targeted Keyword List and Write Ad Copy for Google

In order to get the best conversion from advertising efforts online client’s need to run ads that make their message clear and motivate the online user to contact them or make a purchase now. We have been developing keyword lists and writing effective ad copy for Google Adwords search on for nearly two decades for hundreds of clients.  As a result our search ads and keyword clusters are spot on, and the conversions are the only evidence needed!

STEP THREE: Optimize Google Business Listings in Preparation for Ad Campaign Launch

Step Three really begins at the same time as Step One.  In the background, Digital Ad Genius is establishing (or updating) a presence online in Google’s free listings for all businesses Google My Business.  This is the key to free traffic and free sales.  We add keywords and content and optimize the free listing Google has already provided.  As a result when the paid Google AdWords ads go live, we can see the free listing and paid listings on the same page.  This gives the website double the exposure and double clout, adding buyer confidence.  We easily track this free traffic using Google Analytics for conversion and money in the bank.

STEP FOUR: Launch Google AdWords Campaigns “Search, Display & Remarketing”

The website is done, the keywords are in order and the ads are written, the banner creatives are uploaded… Let’s GO LIVE! Digital Ad Genius will launch the ad campaigns simultaneously and the ads will begin to show up on Google Search and also on other websites that show banner ads.  The Search Ads will show on when someone types in a keyword or phrase that describes our client and is in their keyword list.  They click the ad and go to the client’s website.  Re-marketing Banners will only show up for people who have already visited the website, as a constant reminded of our client and to come back and make a purchase or contact them.  We leave a cookie on their computer or tablet or smartphone and show them the banners up to 10 times per day.  The results are an increase in leads and sales!

STEP FIVE: Review Google Data and make Keyword Bid Adjustments to Increase Conversion Even More!

Step Five starts at the same time as Step Four, but the tracking was setup all the way back in the beginning during Step One.  Now that the ads are living and running, WE TRACK EVERYTHING.  As seen in the images in Step Four, we even use unique tracking phone numbers to ensure we track and optimize costs of phone calls, not just website traffic.  The more data the better!  Monitoring the ads and phone calls daily while making ongoing adjustments is part of the daily process for the first thirty days.  Clients see results beginning on day one and we are there every step of the way after that!

Let a Digital Ad Genius run your Google Ad Campaign