At Digital Ad Genius, our core belief  is that everything must start with a website.  We know how competitive today’s business market can be, and that’s why we go above and beyond to build you a successful website that is intrinsically designed to deliver a satisfying experience for your customers and maximum results for your business.  Our fully responsive designs and eCommerce interfaces are also mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines, so your business is always at your clients’ fingertips and easy to navigate.  The end game is using this site as tool to make revenue for your business.  That is where we excel.

Wine & Spirits Genius

Miles & Lyle

Euro Motor Club


Howland Group


LMP Motors

Wholesome Beans


USA Sports Therapy

Chubby Rental

Spine Solutions

Mediation Works

MMD Attorney

IMP Naples

Emsculpt Aventura

Pawfect Pet Store

Wholesome Behavior

All Natural Distribution

Mothership Productions


Share Original

Ocean Drive Jeeps

Shawn V Realty

BPM Property Management

Ocean Drive Exotic Cars

Chrysti Artistry

Ocean Drive Funding

Ocean Drive Transportation

Good Guyz Auto Sales

Ft. Lauderdale Veterinary Center

Fun Center

Free My Paws

Topaz Pool

Ocean Drive Auto Gallery

Miami Exotic Auto Racing


Hey Gorgeous!

Attorney Kaufman

Power Splint


Enzyme Doctor

Credit Score Genius

The Yoga Connection


Ad Creatives and Banners are a necessary compliment to every great website.  These Ad Creatives can be used in Google Display Advertising and Google Remarketing Campaigns as well as in print advertising and on other mediums.  At Digital Ad Genius we design our creatives to be in line with the theme and look of your website. The creatives are designed in multiple sizes to ensure they appear properly on all mediums from PC to Smartphone and within Smartphone Apps.  Our banners include rotating images and text which feature your company’s products and or services and your promotion.

Your contact information is also displayed and we implement unique tracking phone numbers as well as tracking codes in order to account for the success of each individual creative/banner in your campaign.  Below you can see samples of creative banners we have designed for each of our clients to match their website and brand appearance visually.  Contact Us today our creative sets are available for design with a two day turnaround for review staring from $495 per set of 20. (*Discount available if bundled with a website development package.)